Aspiring teen models and parents need the tools and genuine professional advice to make it safely in the model or fashion industry.

The modern era of modelling sure is glamorous and fun. It's also now so easy to get a little exposure through online media, magazines or TV... but is it safe and will it last for you?

With todays technology making it so easy for young pretty teens to become models, it also means that the industry is flooded with hopefuls prepared to take risks for their big break. Sadly this has also brought out every creepy man (and sometimes women), to call themself a photographer, agent, or offer some 'amazing opportunity' to lure in the naive.

TRUE STORY - Miss E was invited to a City hotel room for a photo shoot by a so called International photographer with magazine links. She became paralysed by fear as his pressure to wear less and less clothing for the photo session evolved, to the point that he was lying next to her, both virtually naked.

There are too many similar stories we could tell, and even some over Skype sessions. Be smart, learn how to avoid this, and contact us or Police if anyone crosses the line.


Just message or call us for free advice with any concerns. Use that old wise approach - If something seems too good to be true... it usually is.

We know of scam agencies and groups charging up to $4000 for development and target teenages and parents. They will tell you any feel good lie just to have you sign up, but it will never lead you or a young model to succees. 80% of models in this country are stuck doing jobs for free as more and more take advantage.

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