• Worst advice given to models

    Written by Ausse Elite 1 year 1 month ago.

    Everyone seems to have advice to give to models. It can be life changing inspiring, but often is mostly rude and insulting. Most models learn to filter out the haters but for younger models who are desperate for a career, it’s not so easy to tell the difference.

  • Models in demand

    Written by Ausse Elite 1 year 3 months ago.

    Want to know how some models get booked over and over while others don't? It's not just about your looks... these simple tips can get you working more.

  • Celebrity interviews and tips for new talent

    Written by Ausse Elite 1 year 7 months ago.

    It is competitive, so we chat to Aussie celebrities about what new talent need to do to make it on TV.

  • Male models world

    Male models world

    Written by Ausse Elite 1 year 8 months ago.

    A bit of eye candy for the girls, and great insights into the world of male modelling by international Aussie talent on the move.

  • What is a model - The model test

    Written by Ausse Elite 1 year 8 months ago.

    With nearly every pretty face claiming to be a model now, how do we define who is? Should there be a standard? Tell us your thoughts and take our MODEL TEST.

  • Fashion Week models backstage and tips

    Model life at Fashion Week

    Written by Ausse Elite 1 year 10 months ago.

    MODELS LIFE: What do models do in their down time at MBFW? Well here is their story and a few other tips.

  • What's a model conference?

    Written by Ausse Elite 1 year 11 months ago.

    In the final week lead-up to Aussie Elite’s mind-blowing 2016 Model Conference in Sydney, we figure some models might be wondering what exactly a model conference is.

  • Model test shoots

    Written by Ausse Elite 2 years 3 weeks ago.

    Want to know what models and photographers require from a TEST SHOOT or how it works? This former model, now photographer, shares her insights.

  • Sydney model networking night

    Model networking nights & beauty queens

    Written by Ausse Elite 2 years 2 months ago.

    Model networking is for all models and we have the biggest events for models in Sydney. Getting out and meeting industry professionals gives you new insights, exposure, contacts, and jobs... even pageant queens found this out. Join us!

  • Model comp cards and casting tips

    Written by Ausse Elite 2 years 3 months ago.

    The industry is saturated with talent, so you need to really impress and stand out. Here's a few quick tips to get you winning more online castings.