• Model scams predators and safety advice

    Want to hear stories of model predators and scams? In this video, professionals and models share real Australian stories so you can be aware and stay safe.

  • Photographer Peter Collie

    Modelling tips from a top Pro photographer

    How to work with top photographers and what is expected on a major campaign shoot. Listen to one of the best. International fashion photographer Peter Collie is extensively travelled with major brands, published in Vogue, GQ and countless others worldwide.

  • Model casting & portfolio tips

    The frustrations of model casting are real and with a few tweaks you could be standing out to win castings.

    Read our TOP 10 tips on how to initially apply, boost your portfolio, and impress through online castings. It's simple, but most don't do it.

  • The truth on modelling

    Coco Rocha is a name to envy. This supermodel has had a massively successful career... and still going, plus she is a gifted speaker and supporter of all models and industry safety. Hear her thoughts on how to become a top model in this new era.

  • Casting and TVCs

    Ever wondered how the casting process works and what you need to do to win one?

    In this video, TVC specialist Stephanie Pringle of Fountainhead Casting shares some of the myths and tips to winning the casting and how to approach it.

  • Secrets of Promotional Modelling

    Promo modelling can be fun and suit different shapes and sizes. Jordan Finlayson is a real beauty with personality who gets loads of work and knows the game. She shares some of the tricks to being popular and becoming a brand ambassador.

  • How to get a magazine cover

    From our 2014 Australian Model Conference, celebrity and glamour model Emily Scott, with nearly 40 covers to date, shares her thoughts on modelling and how to get that magazine cover.

  • Guy Sebastian with models

    How to become a model

    Modelling is glamorous on the surface though not always easy in this evolving industry. If people constantly comment on your look, you have the passion and right attitude,we can give the guidance needed and show you how to become a model.

  • What are you worth?

    One of the hottest topics right now... aside from why women lose self control around Ricky Martin, is how much should a model charge. So what are you worth?

  • Model Scams & Predators

    Models are probably a more popular target for predators than celebrities. Thats right, pretty, vulnerable females dreaming of making it big can be a little naive and fall oh so easily.