Do you want to spend money wisely while creating impacting media and events for your brand? Need a team of creatives to accelerate your growth? We keep it simple so you can focus on what you're good at.





While our experience is vast and includes working with big brands and events, we believe in start ups and supporting quality emerging brands. Smaller to mid sized budgets and maximising value for money is our speciality.

Basic concepts through to creative design, we work with you to create stand out events and desired outcomes.   From venue, to staffing, attendees, and all the logistics and management in between, Aussie Elite are highly respected for good reason. Special guests, speakers and celebrities are also available to boost your brand or event. We can locate suitable models, promotional or event staff, and even offer creative ideas to enable stronger engagement with your audience.

Our small team of experienced professionals have all the skills required, along with a mass of associate staff who regularly work on other events.


* Management roles at small music concerts and events, to large scale 7,000 people events
* Creative direction of smaller photo shoots, right through to high profile brand shoots with 12 people on set
* Planning and directing iSnap Photographic events - hundreds of photographers gathering in iconic Sydney locations to experience fashion, sports cars and celebrity
* Coordination of models at fashion shows, to fully directing fashion catwalk shows
* Event planning, directing and managing smaller model educational seminars (80 people), and larger Australian Model Conferences
* Additional support staff and management to other fashion events



Our creative directors and coordinators start from just $50 per hour, and can even support an existing event, so you get the best on a budget your businesses can afford. Let's discuss your plan and budget, we're sure that we can assist. CONTACT US on the office details listed below so we can boost your brands visual exposure, media, or next creative event.