Model life at Fashion Week

What models do at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?


Ok maybe not all the time, but while we were running around backstage on Day 1 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia we bumped into a group of gorgeous girls hanging out around a table with bags of popcorn and eating banana’s.

Depending on the amount of shows you do (we ran into one girl who told us she was walking in almost every show besides two – hectic I know!) there can be extremely little down time in between.

And although we walked past huge towers of boxed museli bars and trays and trays of bottled water, for the model getting a chance to eat this in between sitting down and getting their hair and make-up done, run throughs and the actual shows, can prove little chance to actually eat the food on offer and refuel.

So running into these girls provided the perfect opportunity to pick their brains and ask them about all the ins and outs of fashion week and the tips and tricks they’ve learnt along the way.

How would you describe fashion week?

A few of the words being thrown around included: chaotic, sleepless, fun, blisters, stressful, make up remover (lots and lots), early mornings and long days.

How many shows are you walking in today?

One of the girls said 15 (almost every show of the day) and another 12. (that’s a lot of make up going on and off and hair being played with).

What’s the best part about fashion week?

Of course, like anyone would say the girls collectively said “Free food” and the aspect of meeting new people.

Are any of you studying? Do you have a job other than modelling?

One of the girls mentioned she was on her Gap year so working and taking a break from school and study and another was in the middle of uni (she had her books and was studying any moment she could).

What do you do in your down-time between shows?

I realised this was a pretty stupid question once I’d been talking to them. They’d all just been talking about how chaotic it was. However they did say they like to sleep and eat between shows – a given.

Fashion Week models backstage and tips

Backstage prepped, lined up, and ready to launch!

I also thought this presented a perfect opportunity to pick their brains on their hair and beauty routines and any tips they have.

Don’t wear make-up

Tone and cleanse daily

Drink lots of water

Get enough sleep

Use any products with salicylic acid – really works for one of the girls

Use coconut oil on lips

Use rose hip oil underneath your eyes

If there is a lot of product or oil in your hair – wash your hair with dishwashing liquid

Coke-a-cola sometimes works too

One of the girls made a comment saying “I had a lot more hair before when I started modelling”

And lastly, with the rise of the insta-famous models and the impact Instagram has on their careers, i wanted to know their thoughts on the topic.

They all said it made them feel anxious and annoyed. As girls were getting gigs without going through the hard yards of actually working to get their name out there. They also said they felt a lot of stress to appear “cooler” than what they are and the need to always be posting.

By Gabby Neal

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