Fashion model weight & genetics


You’ve surely seen those wafer thin girls on the catwalk, stumbling along with barely the energy to unzip their dress. Big thanks to all those stylists who assist, but these are the endangered species who are genetically modified and need help. Donations accepted!!

This breed appear often as those not in their natural body shape, who try to diet, starve, or abuse their bodies with other substances to help maintain this shape they are not.

The fashion industry is founded on those naturally thin bodies who can be known as mannequins or “human coat hangers”.  Sadly too many standard sized girls dream of parading on the world’s catwalk, so try become what they are not.  

It would be absurd for a thin female model to become a fire fighter which requires a larger and stronger build with more muscle tone. Sure she could work out, eat to bulk up and try get there, but then the same issue remains. This girl will need to keep that unnatural regime up or start falling behind with the risk of losing her job.

Boxers fight in their weight division, and struggle if they cut weight. Even other careers like a Police Officers have size/health restrictions. so why shouldn’t fashion models?

I suppose this justifies why agencies choose thin models to fit into their client clothing requirements and dump those who don't. Models enter a contract, so if the model size changes to become unsuitable, it sounds fair that they be rejected doesn’t it?  Sounds harsh, but that’s part of the game which is not meant to be for everyone, just the select few which got those slim genes.

A study published by Eating Disorders Victoria, showed that 74% of girls reported feeling "too big and fat", and then explained that75% of women who diet frequently, are more likely to experience depression.

Most Australians have poor diets which is evident by obesity levels, and many don’t realize they are not their natural size due to this… this is your life choice! Clearly a healthy lifestyle, balanced with exercise and good eating will show your true size and shape, so be healthy and don’t try be someone you are not.

My daughter is healthy and genetically thin like me, and some healthy models have also been attacked and criticized over this before... so don’t’ judge too quick. 

Lets not attack all thin models, maybe we need to address the unhealthy obsessions or optimism of those models NOT blessed with that body, who keep trying to fit into a shape they are not?

There is work for all different shaped models in different field... you need to find what suits YOU!





Top model – Coco Rocha is outspoken on this topic… the whole subject of plus-size models -- I don't even like a title: petite, short, high fashion or runway. It should all just be in one genre, it's just a model.” "Even when they say 'real women.' I hate that too. We're all real. When someone tells me that I'm not real, I say to them, 'Well, what about me isn't real?' I have not changed my figure. This is who I am. My mom [has this body], this is genetics. So for anyone to be called plus-size, petite or 'not real,' it just frustrates me.” 

Thankfully these days modelling is not only about the world catwalks, and there are many other attractive body shapes called on for successful print and television careers. So your gene lotto number could still come up!

If major fashion catwalk shows continue to obsess over wafer thin coat hangers, then let it be and leave it to those who swim in that rare gene pool. You can’t change the healthy natural shape you were given, like Michael Jackson should never have tried to change his skin colour... what was he thinking!

For a size 8-10 trying fit that mould of a thin 6, means unhealthy struggling, fainting, depression and more. Would you like to live off water and a few sticks of celery each day - is walking that catwalk so important?

I will let you in on a fact… aside from a handful of top money earners in each country, most catwalk models do not earn much at all, and often get paid in clothes. It’s ok I suppose, they don’t need to eat anyway, right!  

At this point insecurities are also at their peak due to a small binge, zit on your face, or the constant criticism. As top model Cameron Russell said, “a group of models are the most physically insecure people on the planet”.

This reminds me of one occasion when I worked with Lara Bingle wearing a bikini. She refused to show her bum and kept a sarong handy throughout the bikini shoot. Maybe a burger fest the night before or something, but I didn’t notice any issue myself.  #overlycritical

So who’s at fault for this tiny dress size dilemma anyway… media portraying images, designers requesting garments to hang, or the public keen on that magazine look?  It’s the old chicken or the egg debate which wont change any time soon, but we do care to help the new fragile chicks getting into it.

Let me not discourage those who have won this gene lottery and are still keen - it can be fun, exhausting, glamorous, boring, a struggle and rewarding all in one day.  

Whatever your shape, choose the right job to suit, stay healthy and go be amazing with what you’ve got!

- by Dean Marzolla (Industry leading professional)