Model casting & portfolio tips

Ok, my frustration started when I went in to help a fashion client at last minute after her usual model became unavailable.

Sure I know loads of models, have a big network of unknowns and have cast loads of them before.

After a quick flick though my memory bank, I thought of 2 who may fit the style for this shoot and what the client loves. The good ones we know well and remember always get put forward first. There's a tip, it pays to network!

The next step was to post the job in our Aussie Models group on Facebook. Very specific requirements mentioned to narrow it down. The group has thousands of members and always gives a broad selection of applicants, so should be a breeze, right?  Wrong!

Seconds later, reply posts start popping up, then Facebook inbox messages and emails start to flood in. Gee, it’s  great job on offer, and competitive out there, but these Aussie Models are on fire.

I found myself spending many hours trawling through profiles, asking for more information, replying to questions and being frustrated by the lack of professionalism by some who claim to be models.

Thankfully I did see a couple who really impressed and will certainly have us calling again. If you can see it from our perspective, you’ll be way ahead of the pack and get more work.  Read across for our top 10 tips…




To wrap up, this is just general initial casting advice and requirements do vary a little between jobs on offer.

Be aware that many amateurs try casting and do a happy dance from any models applying who reveal a bit of leg or cleavage for a TFP shoot…. But we are talking real professionals here. Some roles may also be all about certain body parts, so try keep it specific and impress.

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