How to become a model

Modelling is glamorous on the surface though not always easy. If people constantly comment on your look and you have the desire, a genuine agency or professional network can show you how to become a model and succeed, so read on.

Can you be a top model??

It takes commitment, and is very common for new models to get exploited and lost on the pathway to a real career, so beware! The myth is that you do a few learning TFP shoots, then set up a fan page and start looking for jobs. Wrong! Sadly these are the ones that generally dont succeed or become victims of crime.

We have been professionally locating, developing and supporting good talent for many years, and now offer support to make dreams become realities for the smart ones.

Generally for fashion models, agencies require girls slim and above 5'8" (173cm) tall, while men are required to be have toned bodies and above 5'11" (180cm) tall.  There is hope for pretty faces who fall short of these guidelines with work among Commercial, Promotions, TVC's and other types of modelling.

NOTE: we do not personally deal with models under 16 years of age without a parent or guardian in attendance.

TIP: Avoid rejection, by modelling at your healthy weight. Dont slim down to try fit a lean catwalk body if you are not... leave that to those who are genetically slim.

BE AWARE: If signing with an agency, make sure you research them by asking others, and check for joining fees. Do not sign EXCLUSIVE to an agency unless they are of top level international reputation and virtually guarantee you will get much work.

There is a place for training of new models, but also note that once you are confident as a model, agencies should not exploit and send you to do unpaid jobs. If a commercial entity is making money from you or your pictures, then you should be paid fairly as well. *Please read section on Scams!

Join us so we can help you shine!



Guy Sebastian with models

How to Get Noticed

You can often send basic photos of yourself in to credible agencies who are good at unearthing new talent.  Grooming is important, though initially, professionally edited images are not required. Talent scouts do not want to see fake looking pictures given the beauty treatment. Top agencies also hold open days or you can schedule an appointment to visit for a chance to be seen. 

A portfolio of images is required when applying for jobs and going to casting sessions. These should not be selfies or images taken by amateur photographers. There is a standard which is required to help you get noticed, and simply relying or amateur judgement of what to include could be a disservice. Consulting credible professionals in the industry is a good idea. 10-20 images to suit the job style is best, and this can be in a photo portfolio style (8x10" size prints), or even on an iPad or Tablet.

Once established you or your agency will need to have COMP CARDS printed to promote you. These are essential to success. See ADVANTAGE products page.

We also support credible fashion photographers and can link you up with one charging fair rates if required.


Please be very aware that models are a popular target for predators and scam artists.

Being listed on social media or public model casting websites means you are a target.

DO NOT send your photos unless you have a legitimate email address and business details check out. So call an agency or business office number to confirm details first.

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