Model Scams & Predators

Models are probably a more popular target for predators than celebrities. Thats right, pretty, vulnerable females dreaming of making it big can be a little naive and fall oh so easily.

Scams are the other big area to be aware of. With the ease of Googling legitimate agencies and grabbing all details necessary for the next instalment of what should be some fiction series, aspiring and often younger models are getting hooked and led astray regularly. 

Being listed on social media or public model casting websites means you are a potential target. To include your mobile phone number or email address will increase your chances of not getting that big offer, but becoming a victim.  DO NOT send your photos to people unless you have a legitimate email address and business details check out. ie: (someoneagency) may not be legit, and fake names are very common. So call the agency office number to confirm details first.

SKYPE SCAMS are also popular with many girls getting conned to undress in front of camera for claimed professionals, but then embarrassed or blackmailed. No one credible uses Skype to do this!

Offers of big money from random people generally means potential scam too. What if some stranger on the street approached you with an offer of money or asked to send pictures and undress? The same applies online, so you should be just as sceptical and careful.

Other ways to be scammed are via some model searches charging fees, and even joining TALENT/MODEL AGENCIES that charge big joining fees or for a test shoot. When reputable agencies sign you they get a commission after finding you work, so dont pay any more than a small fee for comp cards or a portfolio shoot, and only if required.


Agencies also cannot charge more than 10% commission without a signed 'Managerial Agreement'. This means their job is then to manage and help develop you as a model.

Generally you are agreeing to give them an additional 10%, so its now 20% of your total income gone for their support services. Pretty good if its a quality agency getting you high paying jobs! Sadly we have heard of a smaller agency charging 50% commission and claiming that its the industry standard. Fail!!

Looking for a good legitimate agency? See our regularly updated list HERE.


Training and tools of your trade, like comp cards or professional portfolio shoots can cost extra, but  they do become your property too. Many agencies who lack integrity will talk big, then charge hundreds of dollars to join, or thousands for development, and rarely or never give you work... thats how they make money. There are some legitimate agencies offering worthwile training programs, just be aware of what you are signing up for.



We recently found a new name pop up posting model jobs in our Facebook jobs network... sadly for him he chose the wrong group to mess with.

Being trained in spotting fraudsters meant that bells went off very quickly and a phone call to the supposed 'photographer' lead to digging further. His profile with 6000+ page likes with little activity also means only 1 thing... It probably cost him $30 to buy fake likes.

This is all he needed though. Many unsuspecting models were already replying with interest and walking into his many traps. He was going to do portfolio shoots, fly some to special projects, and even make some TV newsreaders.

We uncovered his real name and identity as Brenton Jarrett - a serial convicted fraudster for nearly 20 years. Google him and you will see that he is probably one of Australia's biggest ever and had just started his new scam that week. His website showed high end images stolen from other agencies and credible fashion photographers overseas. He had already made promises and lined up many 'photo shoots' to the unsuspecting. 

When confronted, came lies of a twin brother, even legal action threats from other fake profiles to cover up more lies. 

Long story short, Brenton is an unemployed weasel known to be scamming in 5 states, run a fake model agency, lured models into sex, stealing money and running up big bills before leaving town. He has been going in and out of court for a while, and thankfully he has been put away for a few years this time.

We hear that he admitted to not even owning a camera... so what was he planning to do with those girls this time? Im not sure I want to know. We contacted all involved and messaged other groups, fortunately they are all now safe. There are many others out there and Brenton will be back under a new name soon enough, so take extra care!!

A Current Affair (CH9) did a story on him in June 2014.

WARNING: We hear another NSW predator from 2012 was just released from jail .

And another in 2017

If you suspect someone, let us know so we can help keep models safe... comments below also welcome.