Model expectations and reality

Can we introduce to you  - Sasha Benz. A very cool aussie celebrity stylist and editor who's worked with the best models and fashion magazines... she also has lots of model friends, so she writes about it. :)

Her blog posts are candid, empowering and from the mouths of successful models, so we thought you should hear it too...


It’s hard dealing with some of the things people believe about models. I mean, I always smile through it and most people don’t even realize what they’ve said had bothered me, but it does. They just make these assumptions and they say them out loud.

I hear it all of the time- the random crap people say to me and about me. I guess they think that because I’m in the spotlight I don’t hear it. I guess they think I’m not a real person, they think that my agent or some random person posts my pictures. They think I don’t read the comments on my Instagram.

Well I do and when I do for the most part, I just laugh. Some of the stupid things they say are just so – I mean, there’s so much of it, I can’t really get worked up about it. But some of the situations were so blatant, that I can’t help but think about them.




Sometimes it’s my friends – yeah, they don’t always get it. I mean the minute there is an argument the fact that I model is brought up. It’s like my career changed me or something.

“Ugh – you are such a model! Do you ever think about more than yourself?”

See, the funny thing about that is, she called me selfish without even thinking about all the times I helped her out. But I get it, she was mad, and apparently my profession is the easiest target.

And then, there are the strangers. Sometimes it seems like they love to come up with the meanest things that come to mind. It’s not always really bad , I mean there was the time my mailman told me he was surprised by how ordinary I looked. But there are other times, like the rudest barista ever that went off when I complained about my stale coffee.

“Right, you’re a model –being bitchy is part of the job requirement, isn’t it?”

I thought hers was to serve fresh coffee and smile. Epic fail.

Even within the industry, some people say stupid sh**. There was this boutique owner that I had to work with for a small show. While we were working through her collection we started talking.

“So, you’re a model and you didn’t want to get into acting?”

“Why would I?” I asked casually.

“Well, you know, you see the model/actress thing a lot. I figured that was the thing.”

No, the thing would be to respect what it is I already do, instead of suggesting I strive to do something else.

But I guess that would be too much to ask for.

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