Zoolander fashion catwalk tips

The recent launch of movie Zoolander 2 will surely bring many laughs, so industry professional Dean Marzolla, Director of the Aussie Elite Model Network takes a look at comparisons between the comical Paris runway, verses real life on the catwalk.

Hollywood funny man Ben Stiller ignited the look “blue steel” in the first instalment of his modelling career.  Men and women everywhere began staring into the mirror to perfect their gaze. Why not try it, everyone else is? Suck your cheeks in, pop your lips out, then tilt your head to the side with a deep gaze.  You’ve got it! We in the industry also call it “duck face”.  A version can even be seen on the face of Alex Perry, and Daniel Craig quite often!

Standing at somewhere between 168 and 173cm tall, it seems no one has an accurate tape measure for cute little Ben, or could it be he wears heels at times? I do recall an actual model turning up for an audition in heels, and when her height was questioned she replied, “well I'm 175 in heels”.  That girl should be in the movie, or was it really Ben who dropped by in drag? lol 

Ok, lets just say in real life our pint sized friend Derek Zoolander would never get a real job on the amazing catwalk in Paris.  His co star Hansel (aka Owen Wilson) being only 179cm still falls short of the norm too.  Males are generally required to be above 180cm tall, while females over 175cm.  Now strap on some 4 inch heels for the girls and see how these alignments come together. 

We have a female model friend at 187cm tall who struggles to get jobs for the opposite reason. Once in heels, if we put a maxi dress on her, it looks like a mini as she giraffe’s above the men. She really does have legs up to your armpits!

If you don’t quite fit the mold but still have the passion within, be inspired by Kate Moss and several others who continued on regardless at just 170cm tall. Even Kate Upton is just 170cm and more curvy than most others. Times are changing!

Getting back to the fashion zoo, let’s compare the standard male chiselled look.  There are so many reasons to love the hunky Hansel (Owen Wilson), but his nose gets me every time. I hope the movie explains why his nose is bent like a Beckham slice, but I can guarantee there is no way that model would be welcome to strut in the real world. 

Models are meant to be beautiful mannequins, flawless and idolised by the viewer, drawing eyes to the clothing and the desire to look like said glamazons.  Though we also know that models are not perfect, and make up or Photoshop airbrushing can work wonders on you too!

Did you know that when they filmed the movie last year, both Stiller and Wilson walked out on an unsuspecting crowd at Paris fashion week?  
It was a one take opportunity at the show finale, just before the crowd did a double take and erupted.  *See the video link below. 

Derek and Hansel so fashionably dressed pouring on the blue steel look do a fast walk out, pose, then walk off dropping their coats.  

They must have had some coaching from Heidi Klum or someone, but did well to stay focussed with the gaze, though Ben Stiller and his little bowed legs did have to do double time to keep up.

While virtually any woman with the right genetics and attitude can be developed into a success on the catwalk, it does take determination. There are many unseen hazards and pressures while on show, so without a thick skin, the frantic 'behind the scenes' energy can bring some to tears.

With Paris being a leader of world fashion, we are excited to hear of new legislation in 2016 which requires models to be of a healthy and larger size to avoid the annorexic drug induced model looks of the past. The size 8 (AU) and healthy model looks are totally in. If that's you, go enjoy a decent meal and start living again.  *See the relate article HERE

So the next time you think it looks easy being a human coat hanger, remember that even Ben Stiller said he was nervous doing the walk in front of a real crowd. Thankfully no trips or a walk of shame on this occasion.

One thing is for sure, fashion is in the blood of supermodel Derek, and life on our real catwalks will never be the same.

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