Models in demand

Ever wondered why some models get booked over and over? They may have a great look of course, but what about all the other amazing faces who look similar?

We look at the secrets to getting noticed and how you can become a model in demand.

Sure it's changed, but the model industry in Australia is still huge, vast in wealth, and large in numbers fighting for their cut. 

Remember that you're a brand and you're selling a service as a model. Marketing 101 will tell you to find your niche or find a way to stand out in the crowd.

I can think of many models who stand out leaving a great lasting impression, so they get booked over and over. Get this right and professionals talk.

They might try another face at times but you'll be back and more will come!

Here are simple pointers for you to succeed...

- By Dean Marzolla (Australian model industry leader)



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Be prepared & Be professional

No1. Be organised  Bring your model kit - these are the essentials that all models should bring to a shoot. *More about what's in the kit will be explained in another post

No2. Be reliable  If it's a TFP collaboration, guest appearance, or a high end big budget shoot, you need to have the same approach for all because your brand is on show too, and people remember. I can't emphasise this enough. Be ethical and set a good standard no matter what. I've known good models push through on a day they were unwell and we have the utmost respect for them. A last minute cancellation or no show creates havoc for many, and your brand (you) will be talked about for all the wrong reasons.

No3. Be on time - get there 15 min early.  Similar to the last point, people are relying on you, so it's a good philosophy for life in general.

No4. Be prepared  Don't set yourself up for failure by biting off more than you can chew. Accept jobs you know you can do well... not just wing it or struggle through.
If its a swimwear shoot, you've been enjoying Christmas pudding and don't feel ready, you're better off being 'unavailable' than to turn up overloaded, self conscious, then rejected. Stay in shape, hone your skills, and do more training. This will grow confidence, plus give you more strengths and abilities.

No5. Be enthusiastic  Bring energy and ideas to a shoot. A dynamic fun shoot is always a winner. Don't have a big night out just before a shoot. Your apathy or lethargic approach may mean it's your last. 

No6. Be amazing  Listen to client needs, offer your creative ideas, and show your best.

No7. Be responsible  Take care of clothing/goods and return them in the same state. Don't stain it with makeup or by resting on something dirty.

No8. Finish on a high  Positive energy is needed even more on a long shoot. Finish on a smile and laughter rather than dragging yourself out talking about how exhausted you are.

No9. Be offering  Before rushing off, ask if there's anything you can help with or pack away. It shows you to be part of a team and leaves a good impression.

No10. Be flexible  Don't insist on payment and images which may leave you looking demanding. You can email, call or chat about that later.