What's a model conference?

Uhh… But what’s a Model Conference?

In the final week lead-up to Aussie Elite’s mind-blowing 2016 Model Conference, we figure you might be wondering what exactly a model conference is.

To start - a conference is a meeting of minds. It’s a meeting of people with shared interests. It is an opportunity for all attendees to network, to learn - to grow.

Aussie’s Elite’s event though, is no ordinary conference. 

Be prepared for a model conference. As the name suggests - we won’t just be telling you things, we’ll model them for you.

This year’s event is for any working or aspiring model. Young or old, there’s something for you to learn.

Conferences can normally be a costly affair, but only because they EDUCATE and EMPOWER all who attend. Well our difference is we care about you and your future, so keep the costs to a minimum.

Further to that - they provide EXCLUSIVE access to invaluable industry contacts you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, all in the one place.

That’s why we call attending a conference an INVESTMENT – it’s an investment in your modelling career, an investment in yourself.

At the 2016 Australian  Model Conference, you will be treated to an exceptional lineup of respected presenters and successful working models, who will offer the best advice plus show you how it’s done. 

You can expect to hear about:
- ways to further your modelling career
- how to stay safe with all the attention it attracts
- best ways to stay healthy and beauty regimes
- how to get jobs
- mastering the catwalk
- nailing castings confidently
- becoming a brand in demand

After all, Aussie Elite’s passion is to nurture development, connect good talent with quality brands, all the while creating a safe and fair work platform for Australian models. Premised on integrity, Aussie Elite tackle issues of fair pay, scams and exploitation. 

Providing you REAL opportunities, Aussie Elite are the first to unite the Australian Model industry in such a strong and significant way.

It’s so much more than a bunch of boring speakers!  We have live interactive demonstrations, job opportunities, fashion catwalk fun and entertainment too. Miss it and you will kick yourself!

With less than a week until the big event - It’s time to buy your ticket! TICKETS

Sign up now for a day of fashion shows, meets, greets, goodies, and photo ops.  It’s time to invest in your future!

Ps. What’s a gathering of models, without a sophisticated After Party? 

After the conference, we’re hosting the Miss Earth Australia 2016 Final Competition (7-11pm)

And guess what? You’re invited.    GET A TICKET NOW!