• Model Agency / Management

    Are you looking for a representation... a model agency or management? You need to find the right one to benefit you. Don't sit on the books doing nothing, otherwise you may as well go freelance.

  • Zoolander fashion catwalk tips

    The recent launch of movie Zoolander 2 will surely bring many laughs with their crazy antics, but how does this comical Paris runway really compare, and what do models need to get to the big International catwalks.

  • World Supermodel competition

    Success comes in many forms as the finalists of Miss World Supermodel Australia found when they shone in the spotlight. The winner is now going to South Africa to compete against the world. Come see what it takes!

  • France too thin fashion model laws

    Thin fashion model size changing

    Paris is leading the way for new International model sizes, after passing a law to ban super thin models from their catwalks, and making agencies liable to raise the standard. Will you pass the test?

  • Dangerous catwalk model diets

    Each Fashion Week season, the issue of models and their weight is brought to our attention. You wont believe the extreme and unhealthy measures models go to, in a bid to be remain thin for the International catwalks.

  • Miss World Australia pageant

    My Miss World beauty pageant experience

    Miss World Australia: My journey of beauty with a purpose. No cat fights, just humbling experience and feeling like a princess.

  • Model expectations and reality

    Some expectations and realities of the top model world, written by an amazing Aussie celebrity stylist who knows them all personally.

  • Modelling - The naked truth

    Models are being pressured to strip, parents are horrified, and predators are on the rise. Do girls really have to bare it all to become models?

  • How to spot a fake

    Learn how to spot the fakes, creeps, scammers, and all them who try lure naive models into the predatory or money trap. Don't be a victim.... arm yourself and get your radar active.

  • Top Australian Model Agencies

    Models, teens and parents, don't be scammed or exploited. If you're looking for an Australian model agency, this is the most comprehensive list of those credible ones to help your career. We exclude dodgy or suspect operators who don't reach the standard, so can lead you straight to trusted quality professionals.